/ a kind of experimenting in the unexplored regions of existence /

Secrets of savagery and initial innocence, but also the danger zone, uncertainty, and surprise storms. Wild is all that stands outside the category, outside analysis, this is shaping itself, playful and independent, complicated and quite simple. Touching the boundaries (if any) intersection, crossing, deleted forever ? The constant search, with no continuity.

I was born in in a country located far from the sea, which was closed to the outside world for many decades. The closure of the borders made it a sort of cultural island where open communication was banned—it was never possible to hear the stories which I always wanted to hear and the people from whom I could learn possibly something more than only local culture. When the cultural revolution came I started to hear different stories, stories how to pass through the darkness without any companions, maps or guides. I started to dream and imagine things how they could be not only in fantasies but how to make them physically happen. Therefore I began to be a traveller.

Because of that motion (sometimes lonely and largely misunderstood journeys) I started to discover my real world is interactive and adventurous. I begin to Research Quality of Life in a variety of its important themes, where the ideas reach into fields including the humanities, and philosophy. Observations in order to maintain as much naturalness of the situation, people’s perceptions, circumstances, wisdom and values. The openness of nature, its indeterminacy, spontaneity and freedom associated with the principle of chaos, as understood by intuition and mythology.

In this evolution of weaving my personal stories and using improvisation as a creative tool, I haven’t followed any version or model. My investigation focuses on different items—human experience, the most.

In physics, energy cannot be reduced or be lost. I must maintain the energy to produce and am constantly renewed. This is done by creating dams to hold the energy inside, to absorb the events in space delimited by the energy required to make a much bigger event.For whatever reason (exercises, separations, own life )

Going to danger places, wild places which have their own uniqueness, through visiting and living with various people and cultures—SELF DEVELOPMENT—allows transformation in self-narrative, it opens a desire to seek out and to know—emotional resonance with others and their well-being, as well as their suffering.

In doing so one has to keep the distinction between what is r e a l and what is p r e t e n d e d, to keep clear the distinction between p r e t e n d i n g and Being.

The validation of the outcome of the work itself is another matter, of course, properly dealt with by field testing, or whatever.

Some of the themes >

- when travel goes wrong, twists that you won’t/can’t expect.

- Archaeology thinking (dig)

- losing aesthetic control

- Stage of becoming
- the home as a research lab
- practice concentration
- risk takers and collectors
- ceremonies - offerings
- nomádes, “those who let pasture herds” impenetrable or elusive cultures throughout the world (the rainforest, eastern Chiapas / Kalaallit Nunaat / Bali / old Europa & SECRET ISLANDS)

- when one story is disturbed by the other one

rebellious restless mind of man


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