The Day the Earth Stood Still

Multimedia performance (60 min. /each)
California, USA, 2004

Blending a screening of the 1958 Sci-Fi classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with live performance art and live synthesized soundtrack, the presentation was at Santa Monica College Academy of Entertainment & Technology in Los Angeles and Electro - Acoustic festival organized by Madelyn Byrne at Pallorma College, San Diego. The screening of the film was silent, with subtitles.
The event featured Monika Fryčová, in collaboration with SMC entertainment technology professor David Javelosa.
They together created a real-time live, soundtrack for the film and performance art with digital, analogue and sampling synthesizers, theatrics and movement in front of the screen.

The Day the Earth Stood Still [2004]

ALT / SIL With the Silverlake Film Festival Arclight Cinemas Exhibition space

Hollywood, LA. USA, 2004
Curator Saskia Wilson-Brown / Artists Sonik Mercury, Oby, Moses, Kofie Stewart, Monika Fryčová, Tofer, Paul Lee, Glen Danles, Heather Poon, Dave Burns, Plastic Fucker, Marcos Lutyens,Max Presneill, Nili Feferberf, Filipe Cravo

ALT/SIL was a three-part collaborative installation that revolved around the concept of neighborhood, as well as urban forms of creative and emotive expression. ALT/SIL took the form of a re-construction of a Silverlake street. Inspired primarily by the clap-trap randomness of Sunset Boulevard, as well as by movie backdrops, set design, and urban campaigners, graffiti artists and with the filmic roots of the project, we had shown video pieces that worked within the conceptual frameworks surrounding the personal v. social dichotomy, the gray areas surrounding legality, and Los Angeles' particular breed of urbanity.

ATL SIL [2004]

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